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About Combo Booth / Painting-cum-drying Chamber

These type of Booths are suitable for Low Production & parts like Bus / Truck / Earth Movers / Construction Equipments / Large & Heavy obects like Military Vehicles & Tanks, Air Crafts etc.

In such booth Painting & Drying Takes place inside same chamber & Drying Air Temperature is limited to 70 ~ 75 Deg C.

Working Cycle Description For Combo Booth / Painting-cum-drying Chamber

Painting Cycle

  • Opening entry door in Paint booth.
  • Pulling the Compenent inside till a pre-specified Location is reached.
  • Closing of component entry & Exit door. - The painting cycle does not start if the door’s are not closed fully.
  • Operator “Starts “painting cycle by pressing Painting Cycle Start Button & enters into booth through the operator entry doors provided in the equipment.
  • After pressing cycle start button, all fresh air supply & exhaust blowers will come ON. Also automatic pneumatic dampers at fresh air intake & exhaust side will get 100% open. During this cycle the Hot air recirculation air damper will always remain closed.
  • Operators will start painting.
  • After completion of painting, operators will come out of operator door along with the applicators & Feeding system & stop painting cycle.

Purging Cycle

  • The Operator will start the Purging cycle, wherein the Painted part will be left inside the paint booth with only the Fresh Air & Exhaust blower on for about 5 to 10 minutes (Settable time) to purge out all the Solvents.

Drying Cycle

  • Operator will “start” drying cycle by selecting drying cycle button.
  • After pressing cycle start button in ON, first of all system will ensure that all doors are in closed condition, else it will give the fault signal (in case any one of the single door remains open).
  • If there is no fault, system will adjust the Solvent exhaust dampers to preset opening % position & Close the exhaust blowers completely. Whereas the Hot air re-circulation blowers through the Fresh air blower will be 100 % in Open position along with the burner.
  • In drying cycle, automatic pneumatically operated dampers provided at fresh air intake will remain open only for 10 ~ 15%, thereby allowing the dilution air to come in continuously. The damper provided for the Hot air recirculation opens 100 %.
  • After predefined time (Adjustable from 0 to 60 min) system will give Audio signal & stops drying cycle.
  • In this way drying cycle will be completed. Now, the option is available with the operator to either let the system go into the Cooling cycle or abort it.

Cooling Cycle

  • After completion of drying cycle, operator will start cooling cycle.
  • In cooling cycle both fresh air & exhaust blower will start.
  • In this cycle Pneumatic dampers at fresh air intake & exhaust side will remains 100% open & hot air recirculation damper will be closed.
  • After predefined (Adjustable) time the system will give audio signal & stop the cooling cycle.
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