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Shower Test Facility

Shower Testing is standard prescribes the procedure for conducting waterproofing test on all automotive vehicles with enclosed compartments for carriage of passenger/ goods, by creating test conditions similar to those in rainy seasons to which an automotive vehicle is likely to be exposed to.

We can design this facility as per different standards which varies as per tropical conditions. For Installation inside India, we design Shower Testers are per IS Standards i.e. " IS 11865". This shower facility is set up to make an artificial shower on the test vehicle. It consist of a concrete floor with adequate facility to drain-out the water. Over this floor a super structure of pipe network is built. The super structure is of adequate height, width and length to accomtnodate the test vehicle underneath it. The size of superstructure is designed considering a clearance of 0.3.to.1 m all around the vehicle. The superstructure is fitted with spray nozzles on top, and both sides. The nozzles used are of full cone and solid type having a spray angle of 60° and capable of square spray pattern for maximum surface coverage .The pitch of these nozzles is 400 mm in both the directions. The flowrate per nozzle is 15 lpm + 15 percent and the water pressure at the nozzle is 200 kPa + 15 percent.

Test Procedure

The test vehicle shall be placed stationary inside shower tester and shall be subjected to the artificial shower. The engine shall be kept idling, wipers in action and head lights on. Water entry inside the vehicle shall be observed and shall be recorded. Water entry inside the engine compartment, luggage comparttnent and in the electrical fittings like head lamps, fog lamps, indicatorlamps, side marker lamps, etc, shall also be recorded.

Acceptance Criteria

There shall be no water entry of any type into any of the enclosed volume such as compartment for driver/ crew/passengers, boot (luggage compartment) and enclosed loading compartment or load body. There shall be no water ingress into headlamps, fog lamps, indicator lamps, side marker lamps, etc.

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